The geared chronicles

I think a lot of Marc Crapo.  Besides the kick ass beard he sports, and the righteous ’tude the man vibes wherever he is,  the guy leads one heckuva fly fishing life. It not glamorous in the sense of glitz and creature comforts, nah,  Its more of a utilitarian pared back foray into a lifestyle that is dictated by his passion for fly fishing, and being in the outdoors. then there’s fact that he uses terms like “dude”, “tasty”, and “scandalous”. I concur! In fact, so much so that this post is a play on the title of  Marc’s killer video series “The Beard Chronicles”.  Tasty, scandalous, and totally killer in its own right, check ‘em out if you get an itch for some great footage and a look into what most of us only dream of, a life based on passion and love.

So with that in mind and with some prodding from a friend of mind, I’ll devote this post to gear, stuff I have and why, and gear I want and dream of. I love fly fishing. Nah, that ain’t right, Obsessed? in truth, not even close! It is who I am! Sure I’m a Christian man, a grateful friend of Bill W’s as well as a  loving husband and adoring dog owner, but DUDE! I just dig the heck out of fly fishing and even more so the tying of those flies. Its dang near just about all I think about. It could be the obsessive compulsive in me that manifested its ugliness by excessive drink many years ago, or maybe its just that I was blessed with finding a hobby that is equal parts passion, art, beauty, and craft, with a spice of ingenuity, utilitarian practicality, and thrift thrown in to make it interesting. Fly fishing it self is an art held in awe and mystery by the general public. A hobby taken up by bored old farts and vagabond biology majors. Ne’er do wells one and all! Well I’m neither, I just love catchin’ trout, so much so that I aim to do it on a level as close ot the fishes as possible. Not quite on their level but pretty close to it. I’m no Halfordian dry fly purist like my friend Mike, nor am a streamer chuckin’ madman like “the Beard” . I fall somewhere in between. I’m utilitarian in my approach. In other words I fish with the technique and flies that work at the moment. I’m as comfortable throwing streamers as I am chuckin’ a nymph rig, swinging soft hackles , or delicately casting a dry fly on the Ranch in mid summer. That’s why I carry what I carry. The gear I use is there because it works for me. In the week ahead I’ll be discussing what I use and why. From clothing and accessories to the very fly on the tip of my line. My passion and obsessed mind demand that it all serve one purpose, let me enjoy my surroundings and help me catch fish.  Lets make something clear this isn’t going to be some patronizing gear review based on a donation, I’m not getting paid or given swag to check out and write about. If I like it and wear it, it’s due to me buying it or having someone give it to me as a gift.


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